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High Country Building Inspection & Rehab Services adheres to a disciplined set of standards in order to provide homebuyers and real estate agents with the information they need to buy or sell a home. You will receive not just an ordinary home inspection, but a full consultation on the technical inspection, repairs, minimum property standards, negotiations guidance, FHA 203k lenders, FHA Consulting and Conventional Rehab Lenders.

From home inspections to rehab and retrofit consulting services, High Country Building Inspection has the education and experience to help you sell your home seamlessly, or buy the home you always wanted.

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The Importance of a Good Acquisition Team

When acquisition professionals with complementing skills come together to help families or business owners make the best possible property purchase -- that is of great value. Having an FHA consultant on your acquisition team helps ensure that all aspects of negotiating, inspecting, and lending go smoothly. We act as a liaison between borrowers, realtors, contractors, and lenders helping to make the processes between all parties flow quickly and accurately.

Whether you are looking for a simple pre-purchase home inspection, a purchase inspection, FHA or HUD loan or rehabilitation/remodel consultant to manage all phases of your project, High Country Building Inspection & Rehab Services is your one-stop-shop for all of your building inspection and rehab needs.

Acquisition Team

A typical acquisition team is made up of the buyer's and seller's agents, home inspector, lender, appraiser, and borrower. Typically agents are negotiating with agents, seller's agent is trying to negotiate with inspector, and everyone is fighting the appraiser except the lender, who is basically ready to close the door at the first sign of trouble and the buyers and sellers are slamming double shots of Jack about to have a nervous breakdown from the chaos.

Does that sound like a team? It's not as bad as it sounds, but when the team is at odds on a matter, agents, inspectors, appraisers, and lenders get nervous and deals can go sour.


Without intelligent, educated, detail-oriented, forward-thinking people, High Country Building Inspections & Rehab Services would not be able to deliver the high quality work that we do.


High Country Building Inspection & Rehab Services can serve as inspector, inspector/consultant, or designer/project manager on your project. Depending on your situation, we can fulfill a number of different roles, but each will be treated as a separate project and, as such, billed and written up separately.

  • We offer home and building inspections
  • We offer FHA consulting for 203k loans
  • We offer repair/rehab general contracting and project management


We offer many solutions that include the option to use different materials. We are not materials representatives, but the materials and product options we recommend are recommended based on specific need and quality.

We only recommend the highest quality aterials, with options broken into price point accuracy, builder-grade, premium builder-grade, and custom.



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