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How High Country Building Inspection & Rehab Services Works With Real Estate Agents

Real Estate agents will benefit from working with High Country Building Inspection & Rehab Services in a number of ways:

For more information on reducing agents' liability exposure, please visit the InterNACHI website.

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FHA Minimum Property Standards Inspection $200

From home inspections to rehab and retrofit services, High Country has the skills you need for reliable information and implementation, including project management, quality materials, and skilled craftmanship.

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Certified Professional Inspectors/Industry-Standard Warranties

We are Certified Professional Inspectors and offer industry-standard warranties through Residential Warranty Services with our home inspections:

How We Help Real Estate Agents Win

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As real estate professionals, we have all seen a seller, an investor who refuses to make any repairs, or a home owner who needs to sell but just doesn't have the money to make any repairs.

As a listing agent, what happens to your marketable target audiences? What can you list as type of buyer? Not FHA in many cases, only cash and conventional. Does listing "As-Is" or "credits and allowances" really give your listing anymore pizazz?

What about your buyers who are first time borrowers or do not qualify for a conventional loan? Don't they need to see houses under $250,000? The same houses listed "As-is, Cash or Conventional financing only".

There has to be a better way of bringing these sellers and buyers together, and FHA has provided real estate agents with that tool through 203k loans and consultants.

Take Advantage of Your FHA Inspector/203k Consultant

Buyers' Agent Reduce Liability Risk

  • Eliminate Agent liability to house defects with an FHA MPS evaluation and/or conversion to a 203k loan
  • Show clients that you have a great team of experts to help you help them in buying or selling
  • Close more deals quickly by stopping bad deals early:
    • Before clients incur expenses for home inspectors and appraisers
    • Before appraisal is rejected due to failure to meet FHA MPS
    • Before you go the distance and lose time, fuel, and other opportunities
  • Agents and buyers who use 203k consultants for MPS Evaluations limited or full 203k loans reduce the agent's liability to nothing as far as deficiencies. The consultant takes the risk away, who shows the goverment (HUD), its registered agents and wins?
  • Borrowers who are using a Limited 203k mortgage are not required to use an FHA consultant. However, borrowers who use a 203k consultant under the 203k limited program can have their consultant fees rolled into their mortgage. (Average consultant fees for projects under $35,000 are between $400-$600.)

More information on how agents can reduce their liability is available on the InterNACHI website.

Listing Agent

If your seller is refusing to list for FHA buyers because they do not want to pay for repairs they think might cause the house to fail FHA MPS, recommend a Seller Prelisting FHA Minimum Property Standards Evaluation. If the property passes FHA MPS, you can confidently list for FHA buyers knowing that the property has passed FHA MPS. Advertising FHA or 203k buyers can bring more offers from buyers who have accepted the condition of the house and are willing to buy a house, with a list of repairs they will need to fix. You become more than an agent, you are a hero and a savior who is closing deals! Win! Win!

  • An MPS Evaluation and report can determine if the property will pass FHA Minimum Property Standards (MPS) before listing the seller's property. (This can save the client's time and money, making you the hero, opening up marketable audiences.) {please refer to our evaluation rates}
  • Helps Agents and sellers mentally prepare for price negotiations when something major is found, before a prospective buyer finds it and develops a negotiation strategy; no one likes to be caught off-guard during negotiations.


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