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Home Buyer Inspection Services

High Country Building Inspections & Rehab Services provides a wide array of inspection and rehab services for home buyers. Some of the available services include:

  • Silver, Gold, and Platinum Inspection Packages
  • Design your own inspection, based on your individual needs
  • FHA Minimum Property Standards (MPS) Evaluation and optional written Report
  • 203k Rehabilitation Feasibility Study
  • Conventional and 203k inspection packages
  • 4-point inspections
  • WDO and radon inspections
  • Sewer and septic inspections
  • Mold and moisture inspections
  • Rehab and new construction inspections
FHA Minimum Property Standards Inspection for $200

High Country Building Inspections & Rehab Services has provided a list of all available services and costs.

Important Information All Borrowers Should Know

If you are an FHA buyer, right before closing is not the time to find out your new home does not qualify for an FHA loan because it failed to meet FHA Minimum Property Standards (MPS). A few days before closing is normally when the FHA appraiser inspects the property for FHA Minimum Property Standards and reports pass or fail. Meanwhile, as the borrower you have paid home inspectors, appraisers and movers, to find out that the property does not qualify for an FHA loan. What do you do now? Shell out more money to repeat the process or get frustrated and get out of the market?

How about only paying for what you need and only as you need it, make sense?

It is highly recommended that before you spend money on a home inspection, appraisers and movers, you have a certified FHA consultant or fee paid inspector inspect the property for FHA Minimum Property Standards. In order for a home to qualify for an FHA mortgage it must pass FHA Minimum Property Standards. Additional information and costs for inspections from High Country Building Inspections & Rehab Services LLC are available.

Difference Between an FHA Inspector and a Home Inspector

FHA lenders employ inspectors and appraisers, certified and registered by HUD, to provide a professional opinion of a home's condition and value based on FHA MPS. The FHA inspector acts as the eyes of the lender and works in its best interest, which in many ways protects the buyer from making a bad investment. An FHA inspector is certified, registered, and authorized to make a complete visual inspection of the subject property's interior and exterior, according to HUD Handbook 4150.2 Minimum Property Standards on behalf of HUD, FHA and Lenders.

The normal home inspector is an objective third-party who provides the buyer with a professional analysis of defects and deficiencies for optimal performance above and beyond FHA MPS. Normal home inspectors cannot officially report on whether a home will pass FHA MPS, nor is it within their standard of performance to report based on minimum standard of passing or failing FHA guidelines. A regular home inspection is independent of the loan process.


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